About me

Hi, I'm Shinya Miyagawa(宮川慎也).

I work for an IT company as an engineer and do research as a private.

My hobby is Modern Device Utilization, Information Security Activities(e.g.CTF) for learning technology to fun and I love in ICT Utilization, Learning Model and Education. (e.g.Social Data Analyze and Data Utilization)

My primary research interests lie in Creating Assessments as a Learning Strategy and Model with ICT/IoT. So far, I have been researching from the perspective of system operation based on Open-data.

Formerly studied mathematical models and specification languages in information engineering.(e.g.UML, VDM) and I received a bachelor's degree in engineering(2018.03).

In master's course, I majored social informatics and received a master's degree in informatics(2020.03).

Notes of Activities

This is summarized by year.